The work of Shelter Ministries is largely done by volunteers. The only people in Shelter who earn a salary are the local people who work in the children home, the youth centre and the pre-school teacher. They fulfil a very important role because they know the language and culture of the local people. In order to keep costs low, we rely on volunteers where possible so that the money that we receive for donations can be used to the benefit of the children.

For this reason we request volunteers to make a financial contribution towards their living costs when they work with Shelter. A list of important guidelines has been prepared for the volunteers who wish to offer their services at Shelter in South Africa. If the work of Shelter Ministries touches your heart and you are interested to sign up, please first read these guidelines. 

If after having read these guidelines you are interested to work as a volunteer in South Africa, you are welcome to complete the contact form for volunteers. We will then contact you as soon as possible. 


I worked as a volunteer at the Shelter Ministries for one year. Every morning I presented a lesson to the small children who were not enrolled at school yet. I taught them the colours, shapes and numbers etc. Furthermore I helped the Grade 1 and 2 children (i.e. group 3 and 4) with teir homework in the afternoons when they returned from school. I also did nice games with the children.

One night we for instance organised a "Game Night" with various activities and games. I was stationed at the game titled "the teacher says". The children thoroughly enjoyed the evening and passed by the table in groups of 5. Considering what the children have been through motivates me to carry on with the work that I started and I am reminded that I am making a difference in the lives of children. I can only thank God that he sent me here and that I could work here.

Fred en Jannie

After having received a guided tour and were introduced to the various projects, we started working on the Monday. This meant for Fred (my husband) that he was painting and painting and painting. Together with Jan-Willem they started painting the roof of the youth centre. It was a huge task and when it became to warm on the roof, they came down from the roof at about 10:30 am. 

After drinking coffee they painted the boys' room. Jannie knitted new curtains. All of this was paid for by the sale of 2nd hand goods. In the afternoons Jannie would sit in the living room of the children home with her knitting work and the children would group around her to learn how to knit and sow. 

We worked hard but are happy and grateful that we could do this work and enjoyed doing it.